Greetings from Gimbalabs! Catalyst Fund 2 project & open source platform

Hi everybody!

To everyone new to the Cardano community, WELCOME! We know that the reasons for getting involved in Cardano are many. We’re posting here just in case our work matches your interests.

My name is James and along with Juliane and Roberto, I’m one of the three founders of Gimbalabs (, a project that emerged from Fund 2 of Project Catalyst. Since learning two weeks ago that we were successfully funded by the community vote, we’ve been doing a lot of the work of launching a new venture: clarifying our goals, creating some brand assets, operationalizing a bit. Already, we’ve seen our community begin to form, and now we are moving into a period of focused building, creation and education. I’d like to share with you some ways to get involved.

Our learn-by-doing approach means that everything we do is an experiment. No aspect of what we do is too big or too small to be up for grabs. From proofs-of-concept in tooling to big decisions like defining our organizational structure, it’s all on the table. Here are some examples of questions that have emerged over these last two weeks:

  • What would it look like to build a wallet specifically designed for education and tinkering?
  • What are the properties of social networks that emerge when the point is not to drive eyeballs to advertisements?
  • How might blockchain adoption lead to new UX/UI design patterns?

We have some big ideas about how it’s all going to come together, and an endless list of other questions we’re eager to explore. There are two things of which we are certain:

  1. We expect to be surprised by the insights of the next few months and years, and
  2. It’s hard to solve big problems alone (among the whole circus that we witnesses this week, to us this was the most enduring lesson of the $GME saga)

The best we can do right now is to engage in our first steps, to get started, and then to be open to everything we learn. If this approach appeals to you, we invite you to join us.

First, you can learn more about our work and philosophy by checking out the following links:

How to get involved:

  1. Help define our direction: we are creating a roadmap for Cardano Starter Kit development by drafting a list of Learning Targets for these educational materials. If you’d like to contribute to that work, let us know by going here: GitHub - GimbaLabs/csk-about-csks, and then click the link below the learning targets.
  2. Join us on Discord ( ) if you answer yes to any of the following:
  3. Are you a non-developer with big ideas and lots of questions who would like some help thinking through your ideas?
  4. Do you have something you’d like to teach people about Cardano, but need support with some aspect of sharing it?
  5. Do you have some skills that you wish it was easier to match to your enthusiasm about Cardano?
  6. Do you have experience in Motion UI (GitHub - foundation/motion-ui: 💎 The powerful Sass library for creating CSS transitions and animations) and want to contribute to some ongoing experiments with new user interfaces?
  7. We’ll keep sharing here with specific opportunities to get involved.

We want to see end users, developers, designers, and dreamers collaborating in unprecedented ways. We’re hoping that the tools we create will be as helpful to people who are completely new to blockchain as they are to developers. If that sounds ambitious, fun, and not quite impossible, we hope you’ll be in touch soon.


Juli, Roberto, and James