Given adaptability, is Cardano the last 'generation' of crypto needed?

Given the Cardano platform is designed to adapt as necessary, using its “hard fork combinator” and planned governance mechanisms to avoid the usual upheaval, rogue hard forks and spending years gaining stakeholder approval - I’ve interpreted Cardano as having the ability to advance from being a 3rd gen crypto to any ‘gen’ as needed. Meaning it cannot become obsolescent, and a statement that another XYZ crypto is ‘light years ahead’ becomes meaningless.

Obviously we know there is general adaptability e.g. Charles has mentioned (if it ever became necessary) forking to achieve quantum computer resistant code, and Cardano not being locked to always using proof of stake etc.

But I’m curious to hear what’s the extent of Cardano’s adaptability? In future, if the community ever approved such things, can fundamental changes be made such as changing from EUTXO, implementing fixed inflation (I hope not) etc?

For any wondering what I mean about the “generation” of crypto, Cardano is described as 3rd gen crypto. A smart contract platform using proof of stake with adaptability, scalability, governance and treasury mechanisms planned into its foundation.

BTC being example of 1st gen, a focused crypto currency without smart contracts.

ETH being 2nd gen due to smart contracts, and trying to achieve 3rd gen attributes with ETH 2.0.