How the way you tell someone about cardano?


If there is a person who is non-tech, and don’t know about cardano or ada. What’s your best shot to explain?


I usually point people to this video if they’re non-technical and want to understand how cryptocurrencies work in general.


3rd generation of cryptocurrencies that is sustainable, interoperable and scalable

or just say you own a share of a potential digital federal reserve, would you be interested in that?


I usually go for the Generation example generation = Bitcoin - with just transactions, move value
2.nd generation = Ethereum - add Smart contracts and functions to the transaction
3.rd generation = Cardano - all of the above + fully scalable


I don’t actually …
what’s important is the person itself, so once you feel in them this desire to move on to something new ( decentralisation ), when you feel them highly frustrated of how the world works ( not superficial stuff! ) then i think they are ready …

In my opinion if introduced fast to cryptocurrency I would be creating more pump and dump, people interested in monetary gain!


This is best and most informative video that I have seen on how cryptocurrencies generally work. Thanks for posting the link!


Some crypto currency :currency_exchange: are like people: some shine and some don’t.