Howto inform (non-technical) people about Cardano?

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(I am German and that was just an attempt to catch your attention … gotcha! :wink: Yeah, Mexico 1:0, I know. Just sh… up, please! ;))

I guess, everyone of us agrees that adoption is the main problem for crypto success. (Cardano or others.) So … what would YOU personally do to educate non-technical people about blockchains and cryptocurrencies (and other technologies as smart contracts, etc.)? No one else will do it for you. Do not rely on authorities, please!

At the moment, I teach adults about IT security and I include cryptocurrencies and related technologies into my teaching material. My students are very interested in that topic, believe me!

Therefore, keep it up, folks! It is worth fighting for!

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me, Markus


Your government just accepted bitcoin as legal tender. This is great news since it shows governments are open to accept a new currency.

If I were German id make a presentation to my government about Cardano which is way better!

But I am not German so I talk to friends about Cardano.

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Hallo Markus

na da hab ich doch etwas für Dich und Deine erwachsenen Studenten:

Das ist die bisher mit Abstand beste nicht-technische Erklärung die mir untergekommen ist. Ich halte sie für so gut, dass sie eigentlich sogar ins Englische übersetzt werden sollte.

well I have something for you and your adult students: (German video)
This is by far the best non-technical explanation I have ever heard. I think it is so good that it should even be translated into English.


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GERMAN, see English below.

Hallo Markus,

es geht mir um die grundsätzliche Aufklärung über Blockchains/Kryptowährungen, nicht nur über Cardano.

Wie würdet ihr das umsetzen? Ganz konkret.

Viele Grüße,

ENGLISH, see German above:

Hello Markus,

I am speaking about education about blockchains/cryptocurrencies in general, not just about Cardano.

How would you do that? I mean, concretely.

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Ich habe da schon eine Idee: Whiteboards
Um die Idee zu erklären habe ich auch gleich schon mal ein Demo-Whiteboard erstellt:

Es soll dabei generell um Grundlagen und Prinzipien der Kryptografie und von Blockchains gehen. Die erste konkrete Umsetzung versuche ich derzeit mit

Wie Du aber siehst bin ich (bzw. sind wir) gerade erst beim Starten.


I already have an idea: Whiteboards
To explain the idea I created a demo whiteboard:

It should generally be about basics and principles of cryptography and blockchains. I am currently trying the first concrete implementation with

But as you can see I am (we are) just starting.


I would help your students create wallets (for cardano or others) teach them the how to safely use this wallet and learn them how to transact with each other…

When they are finished experiencing this i would go into the details of a block explorer… make them find each others transactions etc… this is where they will ask a lot of questions…

I would try and learn them theoretical aspects of blockchains after this, and always try to incorporate the examples i would use from something they practically experienced like the wallet or the block explorer…

The beautiful thing about this teaching method is that interesting things will happen, someone might lose their private keys in 5 minits, someone else might take a picture of the private keys to store them, this is where you can jump in and learn them some precautions when dealing with private keys…

Anyway, i’m not a teacher so i don’t know how feasible this teaching approach is, it seemed fum and exciting to me when i was writing this, this is how i would like to have been taught about crypto when i didn’t know a lot about the subject…


Edit: also whiteboards, videos, anything to visually represent a lot of these abstract terminology… you can show them cryptozombies to help explain solidity and smart contracts in a more practical way…