On mass adoption ... what is essential for a common citizen/user/human being

I am cruising the crypto and cardano world since a few months. I have some affinity to tech and IT and certainly do not represent the average human being living on the planet. Cardano is a great project with large ambitions. I just wanted to leave a comment/feedback here on the point of mass adoption.

If Cardano want’s to succeed and achieve mass adoption, it has to become much much simpler to use for an average user. If it is for finance (managing funds, doing transactions) or for voting or managing assets. The complexity shown to me as an ADA owner is overwhelming: External/internal addresses, staking, rewards, claiming, fees, ‘account numbers’ which are so long that I am always scared of having the right one, why should I change the address for each transaction, why should I even care about this, etc. … all that is very heavy and complex and if there is no simplification achieved in the interface for a common user, it will be impossible to get anywhere close to mass adoption for this technology.

Entering Cardano world, I was surprised about the complexity (which has all its justification behind the curtain) even compared to other crypto projects. A simple adopter does not want to see this. It scares them off.

I guess one has to think of a simple user who should joint this system in a mass adoption phase: What are his needs or interests ? What should the interfaces and processes look like for him to adopt ? What is the degree of complexity which may be just acceptable to see ?

Hi @strange

Thanks for your feedback and thoughts.

I think before we think about mass adoption, the underlaying technology has to work. I mean we are so early and voting or smart contracts arent really a thing right now. If you compare Cardano to the internet technology you will see it took years to make the technology understandable and useable for an average person. Years ago you had to be an IT-specialist to get an internet connection, today you just plugin some cables and you are online.

But yeah i agree with you that the whole technology must be accessible and understandable for a normal person.


Agreed, we are all early adopters :slight_smile:

It’s all a question about time line and to overcome what other crypto projects struggle with …

In Cardano, Basho aims at mass adoption - or rather - to provide the underlying technology which would allow mass adoption. It would be interesting what the ideas are for the Basho era - to leave the ‘simplification layer’ entirely to 3rd parties or if this will be part of the Cardano projects financed by the treasury ?