My personal initiative towards mass adoption: The Cardano e-commerce integration project

Hey guys I’ve been investing in this project through accumulation of ADA tokens but as a developer I really feel like I could contribute to this vision of “reaching millions to billions of users” and “changing the world”.

So I’d like to do my part by enabling people to exchange goods and services using cardano with NO FEES. Every other integration that exists out there charges businesses or customers at least 2% of the sale price, and it all happens in a black box that no one can look into.

My intention is to create a truly open-source and free integration for e-commerce, to help enable the use of ADA and native assets running on top of Cardano.

If you guys like the idea, please consider supporting me through delegation to my pool SHOP . Every little bit helps and I’ll use the funds to support the development of this.

Please feel free to check my github account. I have many open source projects, one of them used by thousands of companies around the world. I’m really into the “if you allow us, we’d like to change the world” and I try to do that through open-source so please join me if you are interested.

Here is the link to the repository where I’ll start working:

Thanks a lot!