One Thing Cardano Needs to Gain Mass Adoption

Here’s One Thing Cardano Needs to Gain Mass Adoption; we need more Developers to push out user friendly, useful applications, that help improve the average man’s daily life.

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I loved this! And I think it’s right, and everyone across the Flat world holding Ada that wants to use Ada should recruit someone to learn the process of how to be involved and how to be successful bieng involved, use case mobile apps that run dapps will make many many successful individuals in our space, the first to market are studying now and the second wave will be just as successful as the first.

i guess it also need some reward for adopter . without any reward people didnt make any interest.
for example . Now we just see the youtube as a tv. Creator make money for contents .But viewer didnt make any reward for information . Even though they provide good data like searching trend and keywords . So if viewer also can take any reward for viewing .User traffic will much increase .and project can take more good data with agreements .

the awareness of cardano and all its possibilities for the future must become more known among investors, but especially the general public. everyone knows bitcoin, while that is really just an digital payment method (something simplified said). cardano has unprecedented possibilities and is much better substantiated, but too few people are aware of it, so that there is still too little market for it and too few people are investing in it by buying ada and then staking, or helping to expand it further.