gLiveView branch error

Good morning,
I´m just getting this error when use gLiveView.
Any idea how I can solve it?

Checking for script updates…
WARN!! The folder was configured against Master branch - which does not exist anymore, falling back to master branch
./env: line 161: /root/scripts/.env_branch: No such file or directory

Many thanks in advance

The scripts updated, rename ur old gLiveView file to and run it again… but press no for updates

should work


I did it, tried different versions that I have got in backup but apeears the same error
I tried to use backup of env too.

your err it came from here
echo “${BRANCH}” > “${CNODE_HOME}”/scripts/.env_branch
do you have this file?

I solved it changing branch to “master” using the command
./ -b master

Many Thanks for all