gLiveView: Process is working but there appear to be some details that look wrong

type sudo systemctl status cardano-node and share the output (cover/hide the user)

also can u share the env file (first 10 lines)

I have a bit of customizations in my build so the line I’m using is sudo systemctl status run-as-user.service

I also just restarted my block producing node to see if that may help. I edited the env file to ensure the path is correct for the cardano-node/cardano-cli. Still shows the exact same

CNODEBIN="/home/[username]/.ghcup/bin/cardano-node"             # Override automatic detection>
CCLI="/home/[username]/.ghcup/bin/cardano-cli"                  # Override automatic detection>
#CNCLI="${HOME}/.cargo/bin/cncli"                       # Override automatic detection of>
#CNODE_HOME="/opt/cardano/cnode"                        # Override default CNODE_HOME pat>
#CNODE_PORT=3001                                        # Set node port
#CONFIG="${CNODE_HOME}/files/config.json"               # Override automatic detection of>
#SOCKET="${CNODE_HOME}/sockets/node0.socket"            # Override automatic detection of>
#TOPOLOGY="${CNODE_HOME}/files/topology.json"           # Override default topology.json >
#LOG_DIR="${CNODE_HOME}/logs"                           # Folder where your logs will be >

Edited out my username in place of [username] but it really doesn’t matter honestly

Ok, so u are on testnet… then epoch 180 is fine… but still the glive output is not ok
Maybe the issue is your customization?

Then wouldn’t I have the same issue on the relay too since they are using basically the same setup? Overall, it may be working fine but I don’t really know how I can check that

so, the relay is showing fine on glive? Can u share it?
are both nodes running on same machine?

Both nodes are on separate machines. The one on the relay looks accurate as far as data goes but still has the wrong port listed. I shared it up above but it has a flickering message that keeps appearing when there’s an update made to the view

also can u share the env file for relay? first 10 lines

They’re identical. I haven’t made any changes beyond what was listed because I can’t get it to work otherwise

The screen for gliveview is also doing this weird flickering thing. I managed to catch it in a screenshot

it’s got a message pops over the screen right under the Epoch
Try 'ps… etc.

Yes but inside the env file I see all lines commented (have # in front)
Which guide did u followed when u installed the node?

I followed coincashew, GCP Cardano setup on youtube from JBAR, and For the gliveview, I used the information directly from coincashew since it had a pretty simple direction.

If u have nothing to lose (U are on testnet anyway)… I will sugest to try another setup if u want

You mean like using a different tool to view the output? Do you have any suggestions?

Nope, to reinstall the node, completly… from 0
perhaps something is wrong there… u followed 3 guides …

I am out of ideas… glive should take infos from env… your env is not looking how it should look (all lines are commented except first 2)

the only reason that I am using the first two is to try and correct the issue. The env file is basic but I get your gist. I guess I’ll try to remove gLiveView and reinstall and see if that changes anything

also env, downlod again the file and follow the steps from coincashew guide

So I found that I needed to update the config and socket sections of the env file to match my customizations for a part of it. I’m still working on the other details but assume they have a similar solution as well

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