Getting Error " Could Not Connect to a Running Instance, 3 Failed Attempts in a Row!"

My BP node start generating this error “Could Not Connect to a Running Instance, 3 Failed Attempts in a Row!” the gLiveview seems to be running but every few mnts, i get that error

@Alexd1985 What is your thoughts on this ?

I’ve seen this. The way I fixed it was redownload the ENV and
Make sure to double check your paths in ENV to make sure their pointing to the correct locations!

Also give your nodes a restart afterwards.

Thanks, would you outline the steps towards downloading the ENV and files please ?

Can you confirm if the below steps are correct:

cd “$HOME/tmp”

curl -sS -o

chmod 755

./ -f

. “${HOME}/.bashrc”

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This is the coincashew guide so may differe some if your using CNTOOLS Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew
Just search the stuff below

sudo apt install bc tcptraceroute -y
curl -s -o
curl -s -o env
chmod 755

sed -i env
-e “s/#CONFIG=”${CNODE_HOME}/files/config.json"/CONFIG="${NODE_HOME}/mainnet-config.json"/g"
-e “s/#SOCKET=”${CNODE_HOME}/sockets/node0.socket"/SOCKET="${NODE_HOME}/db/socket"/g"


first, is it your BP started?

sudo systemctl status cnode


Hi Anti, I am still experiencing the same issue after ran those commands, any advice ?

What error are you getting?

That error comes up if your node just booted up and hasnt been running that long. Make sure your node is running and you have the updated ENV / glive

the sudo systemctl status cnode.service showing the node is active but right now i gone to ./ and getting a black screen, noting is showing up, just black

now after 12 mnts waiting, the information is showing up in gliveview


and now getting this error

Which node is this your relay? Whats your ENV / and start up script look like?

This is my Block producer node, below is my ENV file config:

i noticed i have the same issue on the relay node as well

Hi Mate, below the the script config:


When i go to gliveview:


Then get this:


Then this:

image with no doubt, my BP node stopped mining any block, is there any logs we can analyse to find the root cause of the issue, my ENV and gLive scripts are all updated

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One of my relay nodes is now experiencing this same issue…
I have attempted to redownload the gLiveView and the settings.
This occurred this evening! performed a HW upgrade (allocated more memory).
What is your HW configuration?
are u using cntools?

Hi The original memory on all my nodes was 8 GB, i upgraded it to 16 Gb.
Also @Alexd1985 told me to upgrade my ENV file as well, so combination of both solutions fixed the issue.

I have 8GB allocated. For the relay node, I am not using cntools.
Decided to delete the /db/ folder and allow the node to resync…
I am noticing high CPU consumption though.
Really odd stuff going on!