gLiveView uptime is initialized

but there is no restart realy nodes.
A little strange thing, when i start gLiveView [will you update…] like this message. And I pressed the yes.

Ok, and it started again?

update message was from gLiveView

Of course, but u didn’t described ur issue;

In my relay metrics said there is no restart.
but gLiveView show initialized uptime.

hmm, perhaps ur metric shows when the server is restarted not the cardano node service

metric shows network in/out traffics.

So I think there is no restart.
And gLiveView shows uptime same as gLiveView update time.

And gLiveView shows uptime same as gLiveView update time. < it’s not real.
I confused my issue. uptime was initialized before gLiveView update.

I think the uprime counter from glive is reseting each 24 hours

really? your relay uptime is under 24h?

In glive yes, u can check also on ur producer

yes, producer has no restart ever.

U can confirm if ur node restarted… just typing

sudo systemctl status cnode

and u should see the uptime since the node was started

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OMG, i missed that. thank you.

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