GLive View Status "Starting"

I just finished creating my vrf and kes keys, my node.cert, and updating my starting script to reflect these additions. After restarting my node glive view is still showing my status as “Starting” after the uptime is over ten minutes. The image below shows 2:25, but this was after restarting the node again after the 10 minutes mentioned above image
Something else I am curious about is why the port is 6000. The port I have setup for the producer node is 6001, and 6000 for the relaynode


Please try:
sudo systemctl status cardano-node

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node.service


After running the status command I was greeted with the following-

After restarting the node and entering the status command again the node was active. I then ran the journal command you provided and the output was this
I ran GLive view again and it still shows “Starting”

What is the hw configuration of the node?

The hw configuration?

hardware configuration
in special the memory… how much memory it has?

It has 112gb of ram

Ok, if u say so :slight_smile:

sudo systemctl status cardano-node

Its a full 32" server, with 7 16gb sticks. After running sudo systemctl status cardano-node this is what came up

Ok, understand now :))

Can u show me the topology file?

Both the relay and the producer are in the same building and share the same public IP. This is the Block chain producer node topology file

Ok, add the IOHK nodes and keep them till ur nodes will be fully synced

, {
“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 2

  • restart the node
    sudo systemctl restart cardano-node
    sudo systemctl status cardano-node

  • show me the env file

That makes sense now, I removed that section in the topology file after creating the keys. Here is the status output now.

Here is the first section of the env file

See? In env u have the CNODE_PORT 6000 (by default)… modify to 6001 and start again the glive… glive takes infos from env file

When starting glive after updating to 6001 image

Ok, wait more minutes…

It appears waiting helped. This is what I see now image

I assume this is what it should look like. Thank you for your help, I didn’t realize the env file was where glive was pulling info!

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Perfect! Now modify back the topology file… it seems the node is already synced

Check the IN peers, allow connections only from ur Relay

Where might I check the “IN Peers” to only allow connections from the Relay node

IN FIrewall

sudo ufw status

U need to have a rule (for producer) to allow connections on port 6001 only from ur relay

On producer no topologyupdater script right? U will use static connection (manually topology file peer added)