GLive View Status "Starting"

Right now the UFW status is inactive

aa ok; perhaps u will need to activate
Press P in glive to see what peers do u have to IN (are both yours)?

I just activated UFW and made the necessary rule changes. the out peer does not look familiar

Ok, also modify back the topology file… the OUT peers are IOHK right?

Restart the node if u already did it

Modify topology file back by removing the relay addr addition? And I think the Out must be the IOHK

Modify the topology back by removing the IOHK relays… also to OUT peers u need to have ur relays

Ok, I removed the IOHK relays from the topology file and restarted the node. Just waiting for Glive to sync, its showing “Starting” again

Wait more time… it will take more minutes till the node will start… hope it will be fixed in 1.26.1 release…

try to telnet from producer to relays

telnet Relay1-IP Relay1-port
Do u see connected?

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The node has been up for 11 minutes and still shows starting. I tried "telnet and got “telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out”. Should I change the addr in the topology files to the local IP’s?

Yes, for local connections use the private IPs

That’s why u are seeing starting… the producer can’t connect to peers…

U need to see connected

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I just updated the topology files to reflect the local IP addresses, but I am still not getting a connection on glive. The telnet connection is only one way for some reason. I can telnet from the relay to the producer, but not the other way around

Check also the FW for relay

u need to have a rule for relays to accept all incoming connections for relays port

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It was a rule issue with the relay node. It was only set for tcp on that port, I added udp and now everything looks good!

Perfect, now the glive should be ok

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Now… check ur relays… u must run topology updater… once/hour and add the Producer IP+ port to topology push script

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I need to step away for a bit, but what is the topology updater, and how do I run it every hour? Topology push script?

What guide did u follow?

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Coin Cashew

I think step 14?
Can u take a look?

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that looks correct, I just finished step 10

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