Got questions for one of the Summit sessions? Ask them on the Cardano Reddit!

We’re opening up the floor for those of you who want to ask questions ahead of time for some of the talks happening today! Please head to the respective threads on the Cardano reddit if you’ve got something you want to ask our presenters in the following sessions:

And if you don’t have any questions, please join in by upvoting your favorites over on Reddit. Hope to see you all at the Summit! And if you’re not registered for the virtual (free) summit, what are you waiting for!? Register here.

(More links to follow for tomorrow’s sessions!)


We hope you all enjoyed day 1 of the Cardano Virtual Summit… and we’ve got plenty more to come today! Like yesterday, we’re gathering questions ahead of time for a few of our sessions. If you have any questions for the following presentations, head over to the respective Cardano reddit threads!


Will it be possible to watch the videos again once the summit is finished ?

Yes! Videos of the sessions will be made available after the event :slight_smile:


Amazing thread, thank you!

The summit was magical!


Where please ?

They’ll be published to the IOHK YouTube, but for now, you can head back to the summit platform and find the presentations on demand. (Follow IOHK’s Twitter as we’ll let everyone know when these videos are up!)

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I don’t wish to enter a thread where other topics other than that posted are brought up. Where can I find out about what Daedalus Wallet is current and safe for me to store my ADA while the hard fork is happening?

Thank you for all the hard work you have all accomplished so far. We know more is coming. Congrats.

I answered that question in another thread. This is third time you asked it today, every time in an inappropriate thread. @maki.mukai has far better things to do with her time than this. Why can’t you (a) respect the structure of the forum, which is designed specifically to make finding information as easy as possible, and (b) pay attention when people try to help you?

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Hi @Yeshuaschildren
Your funds will stay safe in Daedalus even with the hard fork but you will just need to upgrade to a new wallet when the time comes. That will involve the usual downloading of a new Daedalus and restoring of your funds. There’s lots going on with Shelley this week so just follow IOHK’s official channels like our Twitter and the Announcements section of the Forum and we’ll share the info you need!

Thanks @RobJF for stepping in and helping answer! And as Rob mentioned, its best to post your questions in either relevant threads or creating a new one. :slight_smile: