Got scammed - GeniusX Reward NFT

Hi all, I got scammed buy a Cardano NFT from GeniusX. They stole all my ada. What can I do?


Sadly not that much.

Id recommand to report it to your local authorities and hope for the best.

That’s the adress that received the Ada.


You can track it right?

Everybody can track it using one of the blockchain explorers, e.g.:

But that doesn’t help much. We can just see it moving from address to address, but we do not know who owns these addresses. For some, we can guess that their transactions look like a centralised exchange. But we usually don’t know which of the many it is.

And even if you could find that out, it is most of the times too late to stop them processing the cash out. Maybe, you could get them to give you information about their customer. Maybe. Don’t know how cooperative they really are, what kind of proof that it is a criminal they want, if it helps to have support of an authority or a lawyer (if you find one or the other competent enough in cryptocurrencies).

And even then, it is still very likely that they just used an account with fake KYC identity or a hacked account and/or are sitting in a jurisdiction where you have little chance to get them.

Would be happy to hear stories of successful chases for scammed funds, but I never heard one.

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