Grab a Coffee with WNF: Casual Chat & Free Marketing Consultation

Hey forum mates!

We’ve got some cool news from our Windnfire team. Our CEO, Nik Kristov, who has 10 years of marketing experience and spent the last four years working with crypto projects, is offering a free one-hour consultation for your WEB 3 projects on behalf of our agency.

Book your laid-back chat with Nik, our representative, here: Calendly - Nik Kristov

Picture a relaxed conversation over coffee, discussing branding, marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, and budgeting. If you need advice on assembling a marketing team, Nik is here to help as a familiar voice from WNF.

The idea is to support new projects, find potential partners, and make some connections. It’s a networking opportunity where everyone benefits.

Remember that it’s an informal consultation, not an in-depth audit. We’ll touch on any issues you’re facing within the given hour.

It’s not required, but preparing questions or data beforehand can make our conversation more productive.

Want to see what we’ve been working on? Please take a look at our projects:

Are you ready for a chill conversation that could help your project grow and connect with others? Schedule your consultation with Nik Kristov, our representative from WNF, and let’s see what we can achieve together! :rocket: