Grafana Dashboard issue

which guide did u followed to install grafana?

I used granada pool CNTools guide

ok, so for cntools guide… you need to install the grafana server on relay 2 and node exporter on Producer and relay 1

also open 9091 +12798 on Producer and on Relay1 (from Relay2)
and open 9091 +9090 + 12798 ports on Relay 2

take a look at this video

Not to worry, we on the right track - I think :slight_smile:

Lets start from the beginning:

  • You should have 4 servers (relay 1, relay 2, block producer and monitor - If you dont want to spin up another server for your monitor you can just use one of your node servers.
  • Each of the nodes should be exposing data to be consumed by Prometheus (12798 for cardano metrics, 9100 for node exporter). You can test this by curl to that port off the server (curl localhost:12798/metrics curl localhost:9100/metrics). Do this on each node.
  • If you get results for each of the ports on each of the nodes then we know that the data is available
  • Go to your monitoring server and run the same curl commands but to your node servers (curl - Where is the internal IP of your node
  • If that works then we know that the monitoring server has access to the data exposed by the nodes
  • Setup Prometheus on your monitoring server and update your Prometheus.yml file to point to the IPs of your nodes (not as this is localhost)
  • Test and let me know


Thanks guys!!

I will watch the video that Alex provided and follow your instructions.

I will keep you guys posted.

Hello guys,

I have exhausted all the instructions you guys have given and still it doesn’t works for relay1 and core node. I do have some data as you can see attached image below. Maybe there is conflicting software on Relay1 and Core node as I’d installed Grafana and Prometheus via CNTools script. But, I have stopped the Grafana and Prometheus services on both Relay1 and Core. Is there a way to uninstall Grafana and Pormetheus on Relay1 and the Core node.
Thank you for your help!!


So what setup do you have now? Do you have 3 servers or 4?

What happens when you try and curl to one of the node servers from your monitoring server?

I have 3 servers setup. The host server were able to get data from the node servers with no problem.
As you can see in the screen shot, only some data showed on the dashboard.

It seems that your Cardano metrics are coming through but not the node exporter metrics.

So just to confirm, you were able to get the node exporter data from the core and relay1 servers by running the following off the server with Prometheus?:


If the data is available then there might be an issue with your prometheus.yml file, please paste what you have in there or is it the same as your previously posted?

Sorry for the late response.

I’d fixed the issues