Grafana Stopped working

Hello guys, need some help on Grafana.
Stopped working today. No changes has been made whatsoever. - This site can’t be reached
So I checked the following:

  1. tunnel is up
  2. I can successfully access Prometheus
  3. Grafana service is up
  4. netstat -tulpn shows the following (I am not sure if 5000 on ipv4 should be listened ?)
    2021-06-09 21_43_56- _opt_cardano_monitoring_grafana

I am not sure what has changed or grfana updated itself still does not work. Any ideas ?

Try to restart the grafana process

Hi Alex Tried to restart service also restarted server as well

Try from the server

telnet 5000

U should see connected

That works
2021-06-09 22_14_572_opt_cardano_monitoring_grafana

Try now from the remote device

Did not work
2021-06-09 22_19_44-Command Prompt

Then, something is blocking the port

But wait… should be the local host… I think it’s not relevant

You are correct I have tunnel in the putty
2021-06-09 22_22_55-PuTTY Configuration

This is what concerns me
2021-06-09 22_24_21 _opt_cardano_monitoring_grafana

Looks like it only listens on IPv6 should it be like that ?

I have the same ,

Try journalctl -e -f -u grafana-server.service

Shows bunch of those

Says no data source but my understanding was I suppose to see home page regardless.

Try this perhaps it will help

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Hi Alex, I do not believe this article will be helpful in this particular case. So what I did for testing purposes I have opened 5000 on the firewall on public IP and was able to access Grafana. so looks like issues somewhere in the tunnel routing. so i am looking at Grafana config /opt/cardano/monitoring/grafana/conf/defaults.ini do you know if there is any other config files ? I what to see which interface it is set to listen.

Well, is it normal that systemd logs say “Could not find data source” and “changing state to=alerting” ?

Where do you want it to be accessed from ? External IP or local machine ? It’s also possible to listen on loopback interface and access it remotely, and securely, using an SSH tunnel…

@raph_cardano thx for your time man, but please read the whole post.

I read up until the point you didn’t want to try a proposed solution (which seems applicable to the first post and another one in the thread). And I also proposed you to make the service a bit more secure but that does not seem to be of interest either. If your service works when used locally, then it will work with an SSH tunnel (since it just redirects the local port) but nevermind.What don’t you tell us the solution you expect, so that we may be of any help ? :wink: