Greetings and great vision with Cardano Project

Hi. nice to meet you here. I am Paul from Osaka, now working at University.
My interests in making and managing IP(intellectual property) transaction system on Cardano platform.
I hope Cardano project have a great success in near future.


Great to meet you! It sure seems that Cardano is built with the right people to give it strong potential.

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Thank you. I absolutely think Cardano is greatest one cryptocurrency in the world.

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Hi Paul,

Here just a sign of life from my side - I just looked at your new website, fantastic job!

Maybe we will have to change the term “Cardano Blockchain Institute” a little bit - Yeji will get back to you separately.

Best wishes from Boston!



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Very very sad you did not answer my last email Nathan.
Extremement decu…

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j’ai eu mon fils à l’hôpital la semaine dernière - Merci Thierry pour ta compréhension.


Hi Nathan,
Thank you for your advice.
you can call it as CaBlinKo now.
Hope you and Cardano have a Great success.

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Desole d apprendre cela @Nathan_Kaiser. J espere de tout coeur que cela va s’arranger au mieux et rapidement. Je te le souhaite vraiment…

Mais qui est ce Thierry ??? Bon ben. faut croire que je ne suis plus anonyme a present… :frowning:

Cela dit… J’aimerais quand meme savoir pourquoi ta decision a ete annulee par les Ambassadeurs. Les raisons donnees me font plutot penser a une revenche personnelle d un ambassadeur en particulier…

Je suis sans revenu depuis plus de 13 mois. Cette activite aurait ete une bonne chose pour moi…

Hello and welcomen to the cardano forums.

Hi Paul l worked in Kitakami.They were not nice.They were shut on Mondays.I robbed them and caught the shinkansen straight to Narita and flew back home.Tuesday my fellow workmate emailed me saying the cops were swarming all over the place,dusting for prints etc.Kitakami never seen so much action!