Greetings from Belgium

Long time lurker here, finally registered today.

I remember coming across bitcoin years ago when it was dirt cheap and thinking it was a cool idea. But back then I had neither the time to really study it nor the money to jump in.

Seeing BTC moon in late 2017 recaught my attention. Initially only in a sort of “woops, missed that boat” kind of way, I admit :slight_smile:

Last year, with my financial situation much improved, I started doing my homework and getting into crypto more. I simply hodl for now, can’t commit to short-term trading. Initially XMR and ETH, but at this point almost 2/3 of my holdings are ADA.

I’m impressed by the vision behind Cardano and the ambition to create a rock-solid yet highly adaptable foundation. Whether it’ll realize its (IMO) tremendous potential or end up as the betamax of crypto is another matter, but I’m optimistic — especially with the African initiatives holding a lot of promise.

I have no interest in owning a lambo, though seeing the moon from up close would be nice.

So, hi.


Welcome to the forum @Ghostwheel !

Welcome and thanks for posting!

The next couple of years are going to be pretty interesting for sure!

Welcome to the forum @Ghostwheel!

Welcome to the club bro

That 2017 spike was driven by China draining money out via crypto channels, the rest of the world followed investing in space technology never seen before. China banned crypto exchanges, technology turned out to be simple crypto interlocked , linked list of data, people lost money big time, game almost over.