Greetings from Cold but Sunny Finland 🇫🇮

Hey all,

My name’s Ilari and I am a long-term ADA-holder and a student from Finland. I’ve got many interests, but Cardano has quite quickly become one of my favourite technology projects.

I like the philosophy behind the project and how I/O HK is making use of their previous experience with blockchains & engineering overall. Would be great if Cardano found its way to the right markets and became more widely adopted in the future :smile:


Welcome @ilarin great to have you! :wave::cardano:

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Hello and welcome to the forum @ilarin

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The pleasure is mine; reading about Cardano is a fun way to spend time.

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Hey, I’ve watched your videos :smile:
Keep up the good work!

@ilarin Welcome on board!

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Welcome @ilarin! Yes, I’m convinced that it will.

You might hear more about me during the next few months; an artist I know said she could make a manga/anime -style community mascot—bit like the Wikipe-tan.

Thanks :raising_hand_man:t2:

Good health and welcome:-)
Доброго здравия и добро пожаловать:-)

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Russia, that´s not too far away :laughing:

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Yeah yeah, we’re neighbors:-)
ДА да, мы соседи:-)

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Welcome and thanks for posting!

I may be going to Finland in February. I’ll bring my warm coat!

Some sort of cross country skiing event up there.

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Hey @Donnybaseball :smile:
From some scouting & hiking experience: Layering clothes is the key :key: