To dear CARDANO families around the world!! from the Caucasus

Hello Cardano family! I am a Korean born in Japan. I currently live between Russia and Georgia.
I travel only with crypto assets.

I met Cardano in the winter of 2016.
I was introduced to an acquaintance and became a holder.
At that time, I had little understanding of crypto assets and blockchain.

But thanks to the enthusiastic community, I began to understand that this was an unimaginable project.

I love the Cardano community. And I would like to cooperate with the creation of the world that Cardano, IOHK and EMURGO aim for.

I don’t have the feeling of selling ADA.

I look forward to working with CardanoFamiry across the border.

I want to connect with people who understand Cardano around the world.
Please share your knowledge and ideas.









Hello and welcome to the board @crypto_bonsai. I like the creative nickname.


Thank you!

I also like adatainment’s icon.
I’m always looking forward to Twitter

I want to learn more about Cardano from now on.


Welcome! Very interesting background. I’m looking forward to seeing your contributions! It may be my imagination but it seems like we are getting a number of new people on board. I think this will be an exciting year for Cardano fans!


Welcome @crypto_bonsai!

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Thank you Mr.Andy. I sincerely believe in the success of the CARDANO project.
I cannot escape the effort to understand what is happening in the world.


Years ago I read some things about the Korean experience in Japan. I have no idea how things have if at all changed over the years but I will just hazard a guess it was a challenging experience for you at times. I’ve always wondered which was more challenging, being Korean in Japan or being Japanese born and raised in Brazil and then relocating to Japan to live.

Anyways, you are quite the international fellow (or gal), and unique among mankind in that you only travel internationally with cryptocurrency as your personal monetary policy. That takes a certain determination and confidence.


I am very glad to see you introduce yourself, very happy about it, I hope you feel welcome to comment and ask questions, your insight as to why you believed in Cardano in 2016 would be very much appreciated if you would share it with us, very few pre launch enthusiasts have revealed themselves and many people here have only found Cardano after launch, your input of pre-launch will be greatly appreciated, Thanx for posting!


Thank you for your reply! While I lived in Japan, I continued to question national issues. It was different from the truth because it was convenient for TV, newspapers and some central managers.

I thought I needed to see the real world and the truth with my own eyes.

I started using the Internet in 1999, but in 2016 I discovered Bitcoin and CARDANO.

When I examined it myself, I felt the future potential of Bitcoin.
If you dig deeper, you can meet Cardano who is trying to solve the problems found in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

After that, I met Fintech (Financial Technology).

With this encounter, I was no longer dominated by “cash” and “Fiat”. Never have a “Fiat” in the middle of a journey.
You no longer have to go to the “exchange office” every time you enter a new country.

I understand that I can gain freedom by the benefits of the new FinTech.

Cryptography and Fintech are already crossing borders.










thank you for your reply!

When I first learned about cryptography, I felt that it would be “Internet country money”.

Which country is the most populous and richest in the world? I realized that it was not the Singapore or China, but the Internet.

The Internet now has about 3.5 billion people. This is more than the population of any real country. This population is growing more than any other country in this moment.

People used the Internet, exchanged information, a new business was born, and there were many who lost it. There was an “economy”.

However, despite the most populous country and economic zone, I was wondering that there was no common money.

It must be a democratic currency that is not under someone’s control and is based on the will of the people.

There was such a background, but I actually met Bitcoin, which is highly likely to meet those conditions, and CARDANO to solve the problems found in Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Welcome @crypto_bonsai (I also like your nickname)
Wow, 2016! you are really a early ADApter!

Your words also in spanih: :wink:

Hola familia Cardano! Soy un Coreano nacido en Japón. Actualmente vivo entre Rusia y Georgia.
Viajo sólo con activos cripto.

Conocí a Cardano en el invierno de 2016.
Me lo presentó un conocido y me convertí en poseedor.
En ese momento, tenía poco conocimiento de los activos cripto y blockchain.

Pero gracias a la entusiasta comunidad, empecé a comprender que se trataba de un proyecto inimaginable.

Me encanta la comunidad de Cardano. Y me gustaría cooperar con la creación del mundo al que Cardano, IOHK y EMURGO aspiran.

No tengo la sensación de vender ADA.

Estoy deseando trabajar con la Familia Cardano al otro lado de la frontera.

Quiero conectar con gente que entiende a Cardano en todo el mundo.
Por favor, comparta sus conocimientos e ideas.


Thank you Cardano Castellano!!:relaxed: I’m honored. I am happy. I was involved in ADA and realized that every day was a historic moment.

¡Gracias Cardano Castellano :relaxed: Me siento honrado. Yo estoy feliz. Estuve involucrado en ADA y me di cuenta de que cada día era un momento histórico.