Greetings from Montana!

Hello, I am the founder and president of Uberbrew (brewery and restaurant) in Billings, Montana. I got my start in the cryptocurrency space like so many others, by GPU mining alt coins back in 2014. It is very exciting to see how far we have come in such a short period of time.

I first learned of Cardano by watching Charles give one of his fantastic talks on You Tube. I have devoured every paper and video I can find on the project.

I built my business team first and can attest to the importance of this principle. I believe Cardano has the strongest team in the space and for that, they will win.

Cardano is best-in-class!

Better Science, Better Code

Glad to be onboard with you. J.

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Hi @JShroyer, welcome to the community :smile:. What are you guys brewing, sounds like a great gig!

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Well a little of everything. We are probably most well known for an American Wheat Beer called White Noise. Gold- at GABF 2016. Also our hoppy beers. Gold for Humulus Insani Imperial IPA GABF 2016.

We had the great honor of Small Brewing Company of the Year - GABF 2016

Pretty good gig and never dull.

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Greetings @JShroyer. Perhaps you should be the second business in the world to accept ADA as payment? If you do, I will surely make the trip from Minnesota to buy a beer in ADA!

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Chad, I would totaly accept ADA for beer or merch! If you make it to MT definately look us up. Rough day on the markets today. HODL!

Hodl the line