Greetings from Planet Earth

Hello World! I’m Paul and I got into cryptocurrencies in 2015, immediately attracted to how blockchain technology could potentially bring about paradigm a shift in the world of finance and beyond.

Since then it’s been quite a ride (and an education to boot, albeit a rather expensive one). However, there’s no looking back now; it’s in my blood.

Cardano itself ticks a lot of boxes for me, most importantly regarding the ethos behind it, the professionalism of those behind it and the methodology employed in its development. Oh and yes, it just might turn out to be a rather good investment, too.


Welcome @Monkey_Magic!


what doesn’t kill you…


I’m from earth too, welcome


Hello @Monkey_Magic! Welcome to the Cardano Forum
Glad to have you join us…get ready cause the ride doesn’t stop. Still lots to learn every day! :wink:

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Thanks for posting! If you are anywhere near NYC tomorrow we’re having a meetup.

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No sir, you are having THE Meetup.

Wish I could attend.


There are a lot of reasons that I don’t like living around New York City but it has it’s perks as well!

For 6 months of the year I’m stationed in a provincial park in the middle of a boreal forest. So quiet at night.

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