Greetings from San Diego, California

Greetings everyone, my name is Thomas and I am a law student from San Diego, California.

CRYPTO JOURNEY: A decade ago I found out about Bitcoin and mined a fraction or two myself. I lost interest and I lost the laptop. Around 2016-2017, I became interested in crypto again - philosophically not financially. Around 2019-2020, I got introduced to a crypto Privacy Coin project. After reading the threads and posts, I noticed infighting between the miners and developers so I immediately cancelled any association - I also withdrew because of any potential legal developments concerning Privacy Coins. Throughout 2020, I hear bits and pieces about Cardano from YouTube videos, but did not really invest or research until the Coinbase listing in 2021.

Therefore, I’m still new to this specific community.

CARDANO COMMUNITY: The Cardano community seems to be mission driven and focused. The communication from Charles H. on downward is clear and consistent. It resonated with me when Charles mentioned the “intellectual dishonesty” within the space, i.e., Ethereum distracting from energy consumption, scaling, and governance shortcomings. I enjoy that Charles H. focuses on function and foundation when it comes to Cardano and ADA.
The Cardano Community as a whole seem to be focused on building something that will last. There is a sense of, “If you build it, they will come,” in the atmosphere. Finally, I admire that the Cardano team intends, by their statements, to provide a positive and lasting impact on communities around the world - changing the playing field, providing access, and installing lasting fundamental principles.

FUTURE INVOLVEMENT: I hope to be involved in the Catalyst Voting program for this Fund 4 (I believe?) coming up. I have some HTML, C++, and Java experience from almost over two decades ago and everlasting artistic skill. I’m looking forward to learning more about the NFT space or perhaps creating Dapps ??? Legal developments throughout the crypto space will obviously gain my attention.

Cardano appears to me to be a nice focus outside of studying. Not sure if I want to keep crypto separate from my legal focus (as a hobby), but I’m always open to discussions and opportunities between the two worlds - “Code is Law" vs "Rule of Law.”

Take care and thank you for your time.


Hi, Thomas. Most welcome to join the community.

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