Greetings from the Netherlands and effective altruism

Dear Cardano community,

I have been following this project for quite some time now. Somewhere since 2017 I guess. I really like the way ADA is headed, especially with regard to the Cardano Africa, Atala Prism and providing millions of Africans digital identities. Also looking forward and ways to contribute to these altruistic goals. Would be glad to learn more about the opportunities to meaningfully spend my time and contribute.

Current occupation: IT Business Analyst at a major Dutch bank
Skills and competencies: IT Business Analysis, Agile Project Management, UX Design: User research . testing.


Welcome in our community @BaronDeLargent :slight_smile:

Welcome @BaronDeLargent to the Cardano universe!

Even tough I agree with you that ADA is headed to a great place, where we can help millions of people and change the world for the better, I don’t think this project is altruistic. The vision of cardano, also clearly explained by charles, is that these changes will come about through capitalism and not through altruism. For example, by providing a loan to a person who would normally not be able to either get a loan (because he/she needs a bank account) or for a 80% interest. This would create a win-win situation adding value for all, the lender but also the borrower.

Charles explains this much better than I do (might wanna skip to 02:30 for this part:

Thank you for your reply. Did a quick check on your profile and very cool to see you are also Netherlands based. Nice initiative by the way with the staking pool and donations to save the children.

By no means I would claim that this project is fully altruistic, nor do I think that Altruism and Capitalism are antagonists. Yet I do feel the blockchain revolution is a unique opportunity to show a selfless concern for the the benefit and well-being of others. Equal access to finance is an example of an act that reinforces human self-determination.

Condering your focus is on ADA for Good, would be great to have chat sometime.

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Thanks a lot for taking time to check my pool!

Not only are we from the same country, we are also doing comparable kind of work :slight_smile:
Moreover, even tough I am a true capitalist, I also like helping others. As you said correctly, the one thing does not have to discount the other (a literal translation of the dutch saying: het een hoeft het ander niet uit te sluiten :slight_smile: ) . Looking forward to have a chat. You can DM me so we can arrange a chat or simply join my pool’s telegram channel.

Welcome @BaronDeLargent to the Cardano Community
If you are interested in the use of technology to make a difference, particularly in Africa, and you have experience in financial services, you may be interested in what we are doing at Empowa.

We seek to use the power of Cardano and decentralistion to overcome the backlog of 50 million homes in Africa. Many think this backlog is due to poverty. Those of us who have worked in this space know that this not the case - it is due to structural issues - particularly in the financial system. There is a huge opportunity to make a very real difference through the use of property to create wealth.

If this is of interest - please take a look at our White Paper:

And vote for us in our Catalyst Fund 5 application:

PS I am also now based in the Netherlands!

welcome welcome nice to have more dutchies buying holding staking cardano,its the no 1 project build for mass adoption on our planet realy in control by you/people and no goverments,federal banks,companies peer to peer without any interference by somebody.
de groeten uit amsterdam✌ for cardano❤

Dear Gremlin,

I have been looking at your Empowa project with great interest, I will get back to you to see if there are ways we can work together…,

Best wishes,

Thanks for your response Carl. I look forward to hearing from you.

I would be particularly interested in what you do and how we could work together.

Kind regards
Glen Jordan

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Hey Glen (sounds better than Gremlin Ha! Ha!),

Please check out this short video to get an overview of my first project: Introduction to iHEAR Trust - "Using CryptoCurrency to Solve the Planet's Problems" - YouTube - I would like to work on expanding the reach of Empowa around the world and take Cardano with us…,

All the best!

Hi Carl

Somehow I missed this - my apologies.

I have looked at the video and would be interested in pursuing the discussions.

Kind regards