Africa First: Thank you Charles & Team!

I’ve bought my first bitcoin in 2013 and Cardano in late 2017. But I had no idea of how altruistic this project is until I saw (via webcast) Charles’ talk yesterday in Miami. This is indeed effective altruism. I am from Brazil, live in the US, but I hope to see Africa first for real this time. We’ve had “unbanked” used as a marketing buzzword in the blockchain space enough already… I have high hopes Cardano will actually get there.

This is my first contribution to this forum: a fresh (as of 10 minutes ago) snapshot to help bootstrap new nodes: This link will only be available for one week.


BTW, this snapshot was created on Windows, and I hope to use it to bootstrap a linux node today.

I’m sure that Brazil would be just as attractive or more than Ethiopia for proving the use cases in the unbanked world.

You are from Brazil, but not living there now?

I’ve been to Africa. The hole is much deeper in Africa than Brazil, trust me.

But sure, Brazil would also benefit. I was born in Brazil, but currently don’t live there. I do have contacts there that are involved in Blockchain projects and would be glad to assist. Shoot me a DM?

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Warm Welcome to the forum! Good to know you were part of the community for a while. All the best :slight_smile:

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