Groundbreaking Innovations in Music with Sound Rig

Prepare to amplify your understanding of the music industry with the groundbreaking team at Sound Rig, who are on a relentless quest to revolutionize the way musicians are treated and paid. Their intriguing foray into technology, sparked by the global pandemic, led to the creation of a music experience platform dedicated to social impact enterprises. Discover the intriguing backstory of Sound Rig, a concept that sprouted in 2011 and is now turning the tables in the world of music. Plus, get a heads-up about the much-anticipated Rare EVO event that you can access with a unique promo code.

The team at Sound Rig, along with their tech experts in Vietnam, are concocting a proprietary player. This ingenious tool is designed to make ‘Sound Rig Tunes’ exclusive and encrypted just for the artists, enabling them to maximize their revenue from every platform. Sound Rig’s mission has a universal appeal as they welcome all genres of music with open arms. Their groundbreaking platform is poised to be a game-changer for musicians worldwide.

Beyond their tech-savvy innovations, Sound Rig has an inspiring mission to involve the community in their quest for an equitable music industry. We talk about their unique Agent Manager program, giving anyone the chance to support artists, and their upcoming Simba Initiative. This venture aims to bridge the gap between legacy companies and Web 3.0, with a flagship project of establishing a Music Professional Recording Studio in a Kenyan refugee camp. Sound Rig leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of social impact and industry disruption.

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why proprietary and not open source?

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You would have to reach out to them. The link tree is provided in the thread.