SoundRig x I CAN South Sudan: A story about connections, the most valuable asset

Before I get started, let me rewind to about two and a half years ago.

Back then, every night at 9PM a group of people were watching a Youtube show that I moderate (and sometimes host) called Krypto Labs.

The topic that day was women in blockchain. During the livestream I challenged the host to throw a meetup for women only. Then, out of the blue I saw a comment in the chat saying “YEEEEES!!”

Fast forward a few months, Bee (@bearicea), who happened to be the one who wrote that comment, hosted the inaugural Krypto Girls Night meetup with the help of myself and the rest of the Krypto Labs crew to great success. This was only the beginning of something very exciting.

A lot has happened since then, but that’s a story I will share for another time.

Fast forward to November 2023, when Bee returned home from Dubai after attending the Cardano Summit. And I gotta tell you, I’ve never seen someone so enthusiastic in my entire life!

We talked about everything that had happened, all the people she had met, the projects she had talked to and the amazing Cardano community. This is when we decided we had to have a meeting with @dennyb2010. We didn’t know why exactly, but we just had a feeling we needed to do it.

In this meeting, Denicio talked about a few things, but one thing instantly clicked for both of us. SoundRig(a Cardano project that both he and I already knew about) was working within a refugee camp, officially named UNHCR Kakuma, Kenya. They, among other things, help refugees create and release music on the Cardano blockchain. Another friendly face, NIDO also knows a little something about SoundRig, so I talked with him about it and he made the connection happen.

So we got in touch with Sunny and Kam from SoundRig, told them we had connections with an organization called I CAN South Sudan that helps refugee children create original music. We immediately knew we had to connect them so the children’s music could be properly distributed and fairly paid back to the organization so they could keep helping create more music.

Today, a few meetings later, I’m thrilled to announce that a partnership between SoundRig and I CAN South Sudan has been signed and made official. This agreement includes, but is not limited to, the creation and distribution of music, the lions share going back to the work with the children, the building of a professional music studio, connections with universities for educational purposes, and more.

All of this stems back to a single comment on Youtube!

Cherish your connections, make them your close friends, and change the world!

More details about the project, the music and so much more can be heard in this space from earlier today.