How to make a Crypto Music EP on the Cardano network with Mary Hardfork?

Is there (or will there be) a platform to buy, sell, and mint crypto art such as [] ( and Rarible based in Cardano? I’m helping with planning for the release of an EP for a viral hyper-pop artist and I want to tokenize a limited edition of it somehow. Where do I begin with turning this into a token? (I have very little technical experience with crypto tech) and I’m still rather new to the Cardano world but I’m really excited about it. TBH i’d rather not release the crypto art album on the ethereum network – but want it to be easy for fans to purchase and enjoy the product.

I’d appreciate any help and advice on this! If anyone has any experience with crypto art and music please let me know. I’d be super excited to help support the Cardano network with the viral success of this EP release!


Great idea! The monthly Cardano update is scheduled for this Thursday at 12:30 I believe they will be having a demo of the token generator. You can watch it live on the IOHK YouTube channel or probably go to this link for last months meeting on crowdcast and follow them: January Cardano Development Update - Crowdcast

After you watch it lets go from there.

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Here is a link to the Cardano 360 update tomorrow: IOHK - Crowdcast

Also a Town Hall for the Catalyst project today where you can register with the same link above. You should check that out as well…

Did you get a chance to watch the Cardano 360 yesterday?

They talked about this catalyst project:

What is your time frame for releasing the token?

thanks so much! I watched the 360 update. Looking now into the Catalyst Project Link you sent. Rough time frame : March 1st the announcement by the artist on social media for the album (and possible NFT) , Mid march some content released , then end of march is the official album drop.

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This is the only thing I’m waiting for. Made a player using eth but right now its too expensive to deploy.

Hey man, I found this post - as I’m literally curious about the exact same thing. I’m a musician and I want to post my new EP on the blockchain. I just don’t know which website to do it with - and with what crypto?? Like Ujo is Eth only and there’s another one called Rocki - and they have their own token… What does this mean? Does somebody need to develop a new music platform for cardano - or will it be an option to pay in cardano on these other blockchain streaming sites?

So new to this space and have nooooo idea what any of this all means for the future - and if it’ll compete even with spotify

I am actually planning to release a music album as NFTs. Some instrumental stuff of my own just for fun. My idea is to follow this CIP proposal CIPs/ at master · Berry-Pool/CIPs · GitHub in terms of metadata for token minting transaction. Source would be pointing to IPFS dir with high quality mp3 files. Each token would be unique having exclusive ID. Image property will be pointing to album cover.

I’m planning to release it from my website and limit release to some amount of tokens. Not sure how it will play out :sweat_smile: