First music album released on Cardano as NFTs


As a little side project I’ve released a music album on Cardano as NFTs, so I guess this can be done too :slight_smile:

Here it is:

I’m not Kings of Leon so don’t expect a lot of interest but just wanted to share.



Hey pppsss,

Wow, that is awesome! My first NFT! The music sounds great. I’m a bit of a 90s grunge tragic. I really like the way you have presented your tunes and how easy it is to purchase.

I play bass in an instrumental ska band and would love to release music this way. It is a bit of an ask, but is there a way you can help me to do so?

I have little or no developer / coding skills but am not completely technologically illiterate and understand the concepts behind it all.

Perhaps it is a service you could offer. I’m sure there are many other bands out there itching to release on Cardano.

Your thoughts?


P.S. Check out Subscribe to The Seven Of Ska | The Seven Of Ska if interested in my tunes.


Hey @pppsss

i like the music you have made and also the idea to selling it as music album on the blockchain. :+1:

It is very easy to buy it and its my first NFT at all. (Ok the first where i got one and i dont was 2 sec too late for it :smile:)
Yes we can hear the music online, but i think it is an very nice thing to have buy an proof of ownership.

I like what you have done and would think it is great, if you make more Albums. Maybe with better NFT code or an link to the music files exclusive in the NFT Meta-Data? You also could establish the first Cardano Band :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: If you need help to build better NFT code you are freely to ask the people in this forum. You will surely find someone who help you to make it even better :wink:

Greetings from Germany! :de:

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Hey @Elurevad,

Thanks a lot for support and congrats on getting your first NFT! :slight_smile:

You guys have some nice tunes too! Sure, happy to help with the release of your tracks. Maybe we can get something nice going… :slight_smile:

For instance we could have a release from my website similar way as Instrumental.OK is going on now? You could also post it on your website/social media and so on… there are a lot of options! I’m open for discussion… let’s chat via DM! :love_you_gesture: :heart: :headphones:


Hey @Jonny22 !

Thanks a lot for your support too! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d love to release more music that way and perhaps help other musicians with their releases. I think it is awesome and really empowering especially for smaller creators!

Standards about metadata NFTs on Cardano are emerging. I was following this one CIPs/ at master · Berry-Pool/CIPs · GitHub.
I’m sure there is a lot of room for improvement and many new ideas to come in the future!

BTW, Cardano Band sounds fantastic! :wink:


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I have a friend of mine who would like to release music NFTs, can you share some more information regarding how would you do this?

Are the mp3 files just stored on IPFS with the metadata linking to that file?

I noticed for this one ( there is a clickable music bar which looks nice but didn’t play any music.

Yet for this one, it was more of just a link to the IPFS file location (

All very cool, but just trying to learn.