Interview - Cardano NFTs #057: NIDO

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Today’s guest on the Cardano NFTs column is a music producer from Norway who releases songs as MusicNFTs on Cardano: NIDO.

The previous guest was an education and research social enterprise working towards closing the gap in knowledge and understanding of the web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

This column is where I invite NFT projects to share their stories and vision as a way to connect with and learn about the Cardano Community.

Hey, amazing to have you here. Please introduce yourself, where are you from, what is your background?

Hey Patryk! Glad to be here :grinning:

I’m NIDO, a music producer that utilizes web3 to release my musical works! I’m born and raised in Norway, viking in blood. I’m a family guy with 2 kids, a dog and an outstanding better half. We live out in the countryside, in a small town with approx 13k people.

Not too much more to share about my background. I’ve always been fond of melodies and music. Connected to early memories of childhood. I’ve played drums since I was a young boy, learned guitar at age 17–18, and piano at 23ish :slight_smile: Started with electronic music in 2019 at 31.

What attracted you to Cardano? Tell us your crypto story.

My crypto story started in January 2021. I researched a lot about different tokens and ended up with some ETH, ADA and COTI after some youtubing and reading. ADA because of Charles’ whiteboard video ofc :grinning: I started accumulating and later that year I ended up burning some money on ETH NFTs.

Then I found my good friend 7even and Cornucopias in the Cardano Community and found out that the Pavia metaverse was having their 2nd land sale in November so I FOMOed! I dived into that project and made many friends there.

After that I spread out, discovering more Cardano projects, like BlockOwls, Spacebudz etc. All the people I met in this ecosystem were much friendlier than those I met on ETH, so I stayed here.

Music and NFTs, a match made in heaven? What does it mean for music producers like you? How do you envision the future of the music industry?

Blockchains have provided incredible platforms for music producers to explore innovative ways of releasing and monetizing their works. Especially the opportunity to get closer to our fans and supporters!

The traditional music industry has left creators with limited control over their work, inadequate compensation and some can argue, less creativeness.

With projects like NEWM on Cardano focusing on music rights and fractionalization, there’s a promising shift towards a better future.

Perhaps the music will get “better” and more diverse, like the “old days” :wink:

You’ve collaborated with many projects in the Cardano ecosystem, tell us some highlights. Do you have any favourite projects?

Oh man, it’s been a few now :grinning: All of them combined is a highlight! Some have been collaborations, like with Danketsu (former ADA Ninjaz) and Mirai Music, where we made “Ikuzo”, my take on an anime inspired song. That was a great experience as it was my first time formally working with a NFT project AND a record company!

AmberVHS from Disco Solaris was another collaboration and an amazing experience! It was my first time working with a established artist and my favorite project :grinning:

Some of my releases have been inspired by projects, like “Neo Nights” EP inspired by the retrotopian Disco Solaris and some community members, “NAPT” is inspired by Pavia and its community.

I’ve also worked with the amazing KrimeFyter on a song and released with project NEWM. The NEWM release was a historic one that I will cherish forever. So grateful for the opportunity they gave me, and for all the support I received from the community!

Great contribution. Any closing words? Where can people follow your work?

Where to start :grinning: I started this journey inspired by all the people i met in the Cardano community. To this day, they are the reason I’m still on this journey.

For me, it is the personal interactions that matter, not the amount of streams I get. Connecting with the community has been an incredible source of inspiration, and the relationships I got along the way is what gives me passion to continue.

The support I get from people choosing to mint my musicNFTs has been a game changer too. It helps me dedicate more time to making music. I’m so grateful for the opportunity you all are giving me, to create and collaborate in this ecosystem. I look forward to continue this amazing journey with you😀

You can follow my work on my socials or just give me a follow on Spotify/Apple Music. To stay updated on the NFT side of things you can check out my website!

All the links can be found in my Linktree here.

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