Introducing Blockheads

:headphones::fire:Exciting news!:fire::headphones:

:point_right: Introducing Blockheads - the newest podcast series dedicated to all things Cardano! :rocket::full_moon:

Meet the hosts:
:microphone: NIDO - a music producer from Norway who has been in the blockchain space since 2021. He chose Cardano as his platform to explore the new future of music and is an active part of the Cardano community.

:microphone: Eystein Hansen - a Cardano enthusiast since 2018 who runs the ADA North Pool (ANP) staking pool. He is also currently working as Head of Staking at Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX).

:microphone: Ken-Erik Ølmheim - an industry veteran with a background in Information Technology. Ken-Erik has been active in the crypto space since 2010 and has seen it all during his trials and errors over the years. He is also one of the regular hosts for Krypto Labs’s livestreams three times each week.

Join us every third Monday of the month on the Krypto Labs Youtube channel as we explore different topics within the Cardano ecosystem with expert guests. From decentralized finance to governance, we’ll cover a wide range of fascinating subjects.

Each episode, we’ll have a guest who is an expert in the field we discuss that week. You’ll get to hear from the best and brightest in the Cardano community!

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