Proof-of-Stake What is it?

Hey everyone, retiring lurker! I’ve finally got myself organised to start working on videos focused on Cardano. Here is my first one that covers proof-of-stake.

I’m interested in explaining Cardano in the context of the Creative Arts. Music, games, visual arts and collectiables. I have a background in commercial music technology so I’ll be discussing high-level uses and applications to the creative industries. Helping people in the creative sector to understand how this technology can be used for accounting of value like setting up song splits for example, fairly redistributing value more efficiently, and increasing “fan” engagement etc. My aim is to cut through the hype and get an understanding of how this technology can be used.

Before I do that I need need to lay down some general explanations about blockchains, distributed ledgers, crypto-currencies and tokens, smart-contracts, digital identity and defi. Because were still in the pioneering phase of this space, I’ll be do some deep dives into the technology and no doubt taint my explanations with a bit of musicology and the polical economy of the creative sector.

Anyway I’d love to get your feed-back on my first video linked above. Be gentle I’m still figuring out how to present in front of the camera, Lol!

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Hey everyone, I’ve gotten around to releasing my second video and is a continuation from my last video. Here I cover how to stake and understanding how it works on the cardano network. 4k was a bit of a nightmare to work with so I wont be experimenting with that again until I get a better pc.

Anyway I’d love to get your feed-back on my second video linked above.