Guide for installing RTview

Please I need some help to install rtview tool for my nodes, given that Liveview is deprecated. I just did as the guide within the program says but is not working. maybe because we are on 1.25.1 already, or because I must be doing something wrong with the config.json file, after modifying it, my node isn’t running.
Im still on testnet.
Thank you very much


I’m not too familiar with the testnet and I haven’t heard of RTview. Are you referring to the gliveview?

I don’t think that’s deprecated as most ppl I see are using it (myself included).

Coincashew’s guide has a section to download glive specifically:
$NODE_HOME is directory where your node is + where your config.json

    cd $NODE_HOME
    sudo apt install bc tcptraceroute -y
    curl -s -o
    curl -s -o env
    chmod 755

Then you want to edit the env file to point to the config.json and the nodesocket. Coincashew has a script for that too or you can manually edit the env file.

sed -i env \
    -e "s/\#CONFIG=\"\${CNODE_HOME}\/files\/config.json\"/CONFIG=\"\${NODE_HOME}\/mainnet-config.json\"/g" \
    -e "s/\#SOCKET=\"\${CNODE_HOME}\/sockets\/node0.socket\"/SOCKET=\"\${NODE_HOME}\/db\/socket\"/g"

It’ll take 208 blocks before it starts tracking correctly, but you should still see peers and some other details.

Best of luck!

just installed RTview

for me what I can see from the web page is that the node is in idle state.

What is your issue?

Thanks for the share!

Now the rt-view started to work…these were the issues: