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hi everyone, am in the process of setting up a stakepool, ive been following the stakepool course and the chewcoin tutorial. in the stakepool course: Cardano stake pool tutorial | Download configuration files and run the node - YouTube he switches the node into a “live view” mode for ease of reading, but my synced node doesn’t have that file, nor the settings presented in his file with the files ive downloaded. here are the files i currently have: db, testnet-byron-genesis.json, testnet-shelley-genesis.json, testnet-alonzo-genesis.json, testnet-config.json, testnet-topology.json

is it ok for me to download the file that is used in the course into this directory? (shelley-testnet-config.json)
or is there a diffrent setting within the files i showed above that has the same setting?
thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Liveview is not available anymore. But if you’re following the guide on CoinCashew, there’s a section on gLiveView which is probably what you want.

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ah thanks a bunch @KhoKhoCrunch :slight_smile:

Hi T_rrxx,

Welcome to stake pool operation :slightly_smiling_face: Complete documentation from the developer on configuring the env file and running gLiveView is available at the following URLs, respectively:

[CHG] Change Pool

Awsome, thank you, ill have a read :slightly_smiling_face: