Cannot start gLiveView - error?

Hi there - can anyone advise why I keep getting this error when trying to start gLiveView - Could not get ‘ShelleyGenesisFile’ from the node configuration file - I have tried editing the env file a few times but I cannot get past this error?

Are you sure you are pointing in your env file to mainnet-config.json or config.json? If yes, check in config file if the path to ShelleGenesis file is correct.

Yes it was but since I have Grafana working now I am just using that to monitor my node

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If that can help others, I had a this problem when trying to use gLiveView. The script is using ‘jq’ dependency to parse your config.json file and find your shelley-genesis.json file through it.

‘jq’ is a dependency normally installed at the time you build cardano-node.
You might not have it installed on your host if the binary come from an other system.

Just started building on the Rpi… I used the image to get started. I’m guessing that the file was there?

did you ever got the liveview working?

yes i use gliveView no problem - thanks

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