Guide on how to set up a private testnet and hook cardano-db-sync to it

Hi developers,

I created a guide on how to set up a private Cardano testnet and hook up cardano-db-sync process to it. I think this guide may be handy for developers and stake pool operators, who want to set up a local development environment using a private testnet. I believe using this guide could also be a great learning experience. I know I’m learning a ton by working on the documentation. The guide also includes submitting a simple payment transaction and viewing the transaction data with some SQL queries.

Here’s the github project location: cardano-private-testnet-setup

If you have a chance to look over the project, I’d love to get your feedback on whether it looks useful, too complicated, etc? Also, if you’d like to contribute to the guide, that would be great. For instance, I think there is room to expand the documentation with more sophisticated transaction examples and viewing the resulting data thereof.



Hello all,
As a follow up to this post, I created a medium article to go with the GitHub repository…