Guideline - Need to know get an SPO


I just wrote an article about what a potential SPO should know before starting his own pool. Would be really interested in your feedback. The article does not focus on technical topics. Rather on expectations managment regarding what it means to find Delegators and being clear about Positioning of the pool.

Link: Cardano Stakepool Operator Considerations

Here’s the teaser:

Running a Cardano stake pool got a very lucrative business as the price increased rapidly over the last months. For this reason many new pools are popping up every day. Currently there are around 2.500 pools in a network which is has stake for 500 pools only. The number of wanted pools will increase in the future maybe to 1000. Still this means that many of the new pools will not survice this highly competitive market. This is very important to know before setting up your own pool because it allows you to plan and act accordingly.