Hacker concerns


Hi all, I am new to cryptos, wallets and the need for maximum security on my computer. I have a VPN, spyhunter,reghunter and stay off of the dark side on the net std free, yet I have my fears. I do not want my Ada on an exchange nor do I feel comfortable with them on my PC. I am quite limited with what I can do on it as it was not my field. Nevertheless I have learned much in 70 days so I have an old computer, spare, with a fresh install of win vista for cold storage but that will not work as it is a 32 not a 64. … I will get a storage computer. Opinions on a cold storage computer would be great I have a win 32/64 7pro Cd to do a fresh install.
Thanks R.C.


Maybe you should try paper, if you understand how storing works then it will work great for you. Is not Vista more Vulnerable than win10?


Send to a wallet then disconnect front the internet.


That was to be my cold storage computer. LOl, Anyway, I will get a newer 64 bit system do a fresh install of win 7 pro and call it a day. I have win 10 I hate it for now!!

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Yes that is exactly what I am doing as I sort out a crypto only computer.

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Use arch and build make daedalus


I’m Sorry what is arch? I am an Air conditioning Contractor, I work with Freon torches vacuum pumps and gauges, I have cooled down a few server rooms though, Lol. I think for my skill set a computer with a tower maybe run 2 HDs master and slave maybe sort something out a way to separate them when on line in say a single transaction. Both drives with wallets transfer spending/trading funds to the internet wallet while keeping the other one separate? Maybe I am overthinking this. but it would be safe and ready for use with all cryptos. So yeah a second HD? Any suggestions would be great!!


Oh ok… Arch Linux

Maybe use Ubuntu of Fedora (se Linux by default)


Lets do some threat analysis here:
first question (there will be others): how quickly do you want to have access to what fraction of your Ada value?