Windows 7 pro?

Dear ada lovers,
Small question, i use not so new computer for my wallet it has windows 7 pro it runs the wallet smooth without any trouble use this computer only for ada nothing else.lately i had a message from microsoft that they are stopping technical support and updates for windows 7 pro from i think jan 2020.after that date from msft can i gett trouble with my wallet??? I love this computer and windows 7 pro .dont need windows 10 and dont want to pay for the new windows10. This computer is only for ada not for anything more🤔

If you don’t want to upgrade then you may want to midigate risks. Some suggestions but nothing is ever totally secure.
Move ADA to paper wallet.
Do you use a VPN to encrypt packets?
Keep virus software updated
Harden hard drive by encrypting with something like bitlocker.
Strong passwords 15 char. Min
Do not store passwords on computer.
Probably hundreds more suggestions these are just off top of my head. Good luck!

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Good question! I was thinking about this myself recently. I won’t say here what I ended up doing, to avoid helping the bad guys.

When a Windows version stops being supported and, mainly, stops receiving security updates, the risk from malware in theory will gradually increase over time. On the other hand, as the number of people using it decreases, it’s less of a target for bad actors. Well, that’s true for exploits targetted specifically at that version, but if the relevant vulnerability is shared with later versions, then your version not getting the fix is obviously an issue.

So is it worth the risk in this case? That has to be your decision. Personally, I wouldn’t be too worried, not many exploits have targetted Daedalus so far and the chance of it being exposed by a system vulnerability is pretty low. But don’t sue me if you get hit!

What might well be worth doing is to put a version of Linux on it, but you might not feel confident in tackling that.

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Thanks mate for your reply.
Know paperwallet is secure more then,but with that i have to keep a 27words pass words somewhere in my little brain all ready have 12words hidden😉

Dank je wel robjf.
Waardeer je erg op dit forum,altijd on the spot
Om mede ada holders te helpen.
Its making my head spin this isue for weeks now.
I will give charles h a call this week​:grin::joy:

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