Migrate wallet?

I am considering to buy new computer for ada only,because of windows7 pro stops 14 jan 2020.
Then load ,restore on new computer while i didnt delete the wallet on old computer after i am 1000% sure all works well on new computer and all my coins are there ,can i directly send or gett coins from new comp.or delete on the older computer first??

The term “wallet” is confusing. Because your ada aren’t in your wallet on your PC. No, better think wallets would be like web browsers and your ada are somewhat like websites that you can control with the knowledge of corresponding addresses. (private keys)

I think this comes much closer to reality. Then, it’s no wonder that you can install a wallet with the same seed words on several PCs and all display the same content, because they simply query the blockchain.


hey @Salem

they only thing you need is your seed to restore your wallet on any device.


Thanks,my knowledge is getting bigger and bigger of blockchain & ada.
Big :+1: for your time&effort to learn people more

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Thanks u.
Ada.on no 1