Installing new wallet on new PC and restoring coins from an old wallet on old PC

I have an old version of the ADA wallet on an old PC which I have my ADA coins on.
I want to download the new ADA wallet on a NEW PC which I am now using.
I want to restore my coins into the new wallet on my new PC using my 12 word pass phrase.
Is that possible and the way to do it?

Yes this is possible and the way to do it.

I think “wallet” is a confusing term, your ADA are not in your old wallet on your PC.

No, better think wallets would be like web browsers and your ADA are somewhat like websites that you can control if you know the addresses. Of course you can install different browser on different PCs and the websites are fine. The same applies to Daedalus.

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Yes. Your coins are on the Blockchain, not in a “wallet” on your machine.