Hashgraph and Ada

Rumour is hash graph will announce something in January, how do you think this will effect ada?

Why would graph announcement impact Ada?

The hashgragh founder seemed to be confident the technology would effect the bit coin market. I’m just going from his interview recently when he came out of stealth mode and declared hash graph a game changer and when asked directly whether he thought this would effect bit coin, seemed to be pretty assured it would, whilst also saying something like ‘but ultimately that’s for the market to decide’. He seemed pretty jolly about hashgraphs disruptive potential though.

Problem with hashgraph is it’s currently proprietary/closed-source, and has only been tested in corporate scenarios. No way to tell how it would function on a massive scale, and as long as it’s closed-source/proprietary, I personally have no interest in it as a monetary system. Might as well just be another PayPal.

I would be interested in a pay pal coin if I knew I was getting it at an early bird price. Paying the mortgage comes before crypto politics.