Hashgraph vs Cardano?

What do you guys think about competition from Hashgraph? From the looks of it, Hashgraph is the closest competitor to Cardano.

They raised $100M and will probably be centralized.


This looks like a Cardano copycat, that is using funds primarily raised from institutional investors. They also plan to be somewhat decentralized.

“And the Hedera Hashgraph Council was established as a group of 39 major companies that provide governance and licensing for the hashgraph. The council’s job is to ensure that the network remains decentralized.”

What concerns me is that they are portraying themselves as unique innovators of these concepts and succeeding in getting institutional funding. There is no mention of Cardano anywhere.

I came across these guys before I knew about Cardano and their tech isn’t a blockchain…

It’s proprietary, created by a mathematician who keeps his code secret but has shared some working principles of his Hashgraph protocol. It gets technical but the main takeaway for me was the use of the gossip protocol on a meshlike network architecture.

So two different technologies but very sound approach to designing such systems.

I think consortium-backed projects aren’t resilient. Businesses have no desire to cooperate normally or finance an auxiliary infrastructure that benefits all.

That’s where Cardano and it’s public blockchain shine.


Thanks. I think I have to re-read the article…Perhaps my bias compromised my comprehension of their difference in approach.

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