Haskell and Rust mind map

Hello C(ardan)oders,

The attached mind maps for Haskell and Rust can be useful for the coders among us or want to become one.
I have created these mind maps in FreeMind, which is a free mind-mapping software. The example codes are not visible in the image, because I have put them in the notes. You can find the mind-mapping file in the next Git repositories:

You will need to use the beta version of FreeMind: 1.1.0 Beta 2.

Happy coding and enjoy your learning journey.

Note: unfortunately I can’t upload the mind map for Haskell to Cardano forum, because the image size is too big. You can download it from Git repository: https://github.com/ItFlyingStart/Haskell/blob/master/Mindmap/Export/Haskell.png


Are there no dictionaries or anything that can support key-values connection?

Awesome! Thank you:)

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There are packages for this: https://crates.io

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