Haskell Certification

There may be a way to accelerate the pool of Haskell folks.

Whom are the certifications in Haskell given by which hold industry value? Any?

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In general, I don’t think something like a certificate is a good way to show that you know Haskell. Certification is basically just a way to let the certification authority make money. Given two candidates, one with a certificate from some Haskell authority and the other with a proven track record in contributing to Open Source Haskell projects, the second is far easier to evaluate.

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Indeed, thank you. Certificates arent a route…I am looking for the promotion to be intrinsic for the production of skilled folks in Haskell. However, drawing inclined people to add Haskell through an educational platform and promte its growth for us.

Just so odd. This is close to what I mentioned. Must be a fortune teller. Glad I mentioned it.