Have an idea to create a terraform to bootstrap a Meter validator Node creation using IAC (Infrastructure as code) across multiple providers(cloud based)

This allows users to run nodes on a simple click( all the system requirements is hosted on AWS)

  1. Dynamic Node Deployment:
    For diverse user requirements, our system dynamically allocates private server instances based on chosen blockchain networks, optimizing resource utilization.

  2. Secure User Wallets & Staking:
    Each deployment kickstarts with a user-specific public-private key generation. Users move their staking amount to these wallets, retaining full control with shared private keys.

  3. Automated Cloud Management:
    All cloud instance management, from deployment to synchronization, is automated, ensuring seamless user experience.

  4. Subscription Management:
    Built-in wallets handle subscription funds, with monthly deductions for the nodes deployed, offering clarity and ease

Looking for grants from the Cardano ecosystem to get this out. Already experimented up on shardeum, and have explored for Cardano too

You ma want to ask the community for a grant via Project Catalyst fund 11.