How far can we automate a stake pool setup on cloud using any CICD tool?

Hi Guys, glad to post my first Topic in here!!!

I am on the process of having a Terraform setup to build a Stake Pool from zero, using this guide Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

I would like to know from you guys, how far can we automate the setup? Anyone had done this?

I am using github + github actions + terraform
I succeeded (so far) to automate until syncing the blockchain (testnet) but not with proper setup such as actual IPs and actual certificates. Also, as many commands has to be done on air-grapped (offline) machine, which make impossible to fully automate (??).

Well, I am sharing my repo, I will be happy to have feedbacks from the interested ones.

Regards, Rodolfo

I also just made my first post here - ironically on the same topic.

I don’t think its possible to automate the entire pool registration process. There’s some back and forth between the new node and air-gapped machine that can’t be automated - especially since it should be a true offline machine.

My approach for pool registration was to do as much as I could for a user - like zip all the things needed to transfer to the cold environment into simple steps, in addition to generating a single .sh file that pre-populated all the commands needed to be ran offline. This made it just a simple back and forth during pool setup. For example: Download zip to cold, extract, execute. Transfer and upload something to hot. Repeat a few times.

Thats all just for a new pool registration though. Once a pool has been registered and was running, you can automate the recreation of some or all of that pool without any major problems.

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