HDD hard drive node

could I locate my node on a HDD hard drive? I see that my PC is running out of storage


Did u deleted the old logs? You must cleanup the log folder from time to time.

I haven’t deleted anything since I installed my node, how could I do a cleanup?

Even if I do the cleaning and I have a lot of storage left over, could I make a copy of the node and place it on a hard drive next to the virtual machine?

Should work if u will move everything… til then delete the old logs…

Thank you very much for answering, do you have any guide how to clean the old logs or something similar?

go to the folder wher the logs are stored (the folder must be names logs) and then delete all files (u can use rm * to delete all but be careful with the command) or few of them (the oldest files) by using rm file_name

In what directory does that folder are usually where the old logs are stored?

U are using coincashew or cntools guide?

coincashew but I’m not sure

try cd $NODE_HOME
ls -l and share the output (hide the username)

Delete the picture… not helping… do u have here the logs folder? Can u go to my-cardano-node folder?

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I’m in the cardano-node folder, now what?

ls -l do u see the logs folder? If not type

cd ..

ls -l do u see it now?

log clean

This is what I see, sorry if it seems obvious to you but I’m new to this

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cd cardano-node and then ls -l

log clean 2

Yeah, I don’t know… perhaps it’s a docker? Anyway u must find where the logs are stored

I’ll try to find it, thanks anyway

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Every time the script runs and updates your IP, a log is created in $NODE_HOME/logs